Custom Woodwork & Cabinetry

Base-mounted, tall cabinets, wall-mounted cabinets, face frame or frameless, we build and install them to create maximum storage and add elegance to your room. In our discussions with you, we listen to your needs and suggest ideas to transform your room into the place you would like it to be.

Today the trend towards viewing the kitchen as the hub of the home – the cooking-dining-entertainment center rather than a purely functional area, has led to furniture-style design that adds to the beauty of each individual piece of cabinetry. The modern traditional design trend combines the ease and functionality of modern materials with the beauty of traditional looks and design styles. Home offices can combine a library with a computer table and bar with a built-in cabinetry to provide an integrated look and functionality. Your bathroom can be beautiful while giving a couple or a family ample room for storage in a double vanity with closed and some open shelving that allows kids access. We at Margos Woodworking are inspired by these new trends to give of our best to our customers.

Space-saving ideas

If your kitchen is small, you can create space with pull-out pantry shelving, tall cabinets, a single, undermount sink . Use your wall storage to the hilt, even creating convenient storage for a hidden broom closet. Try moving the door and create an airy open kitchen. Use a compact all-in-one island that includes pull-out shelves and sink and prep area. Go minimal, use drawer handles that are sleek and less bulky.

Open shelving

Open shelving creates a lighter, more airy look while keeping things within reach and within sight. It also creates display areas and can be teamed with glass for an attractive look.


Simple all-white kitchens are a popular choice among homeowners, but there are trends to using light and dark paint colors together or paired with natural wood to create a warm environment. Vibrant hues are making their presence felt too – mustard yellows, deep scarlet, royal blues. Black has a sophisticated look for those who want to go different.


Mix and match textures – matt and gloss, and contrasting colors add interesting accents to kitchen countertops and doors. Your choice of materials and colors will play a big role here and we being experienced in the field are here to help.

The natural look

A return to nature with natural textures and finishes like wood, granite and stone and the addition of plants gives your home or office a more welcoming feel.

Modern offices need to be designed for mobility, flexibility and collaboration, with small groups spontaneously meeting and discussing ideas, and individuals “hot desking”, moving from one spot to the other while performing a task. Tall stools, rolling chairs that encourage movement, and ergomomic desks and practical yet elegant reception counters help physical health. It makes sense to have open plan offices with more eating and kitchen spaces where people gather and discuss things, and use plants and sunlight to bring nature and the outdoors in. Bright colors and designs are also making inroads into work spaces.

Built-in shelves are an elegant way to store your vast book collection, while drawers with tray organizers keep your pens, calculators and highlighters organized. They can be used for display as well. Your office table can be neatly tucked in between this space-saving shelving space.

We have completed projects for offices, spas, restaurants, hair salons, hotels , stores and more.